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Information about collecting your personal data through the website of the Osmancevic Law Office as well as the requirements for exercising your rights regarding personal data protection can be obtained by sending a query through a contact form on the website or by sending a query to the following e-mail address:


To protect personal information you send over this website, we use physical, technical and organizational security measures. We constantly upgrade and test our security technology. We restrict access to your personal data only to those employees who need to know this information in order to provide you with some benefits or services. In addition, we educate our employees about the importance of confidentiality and the protection of privacy and the protection of your data. We have appointed an internal associate as a Data Protection Officer so that you can contact him for any questions or complaints concerning our privacy policy or the handling of personal data.

The name and contact details of our Data Protection Officer are as follows:
Marina Osmancevic: marina


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Changes in our privacy policy

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This privacy policy was last amended on 13th September of 2021.

Right to complain

At any time you can send an official complaint to the supervisory authority regarding our collection and processing of your personal data. In the Republic of Croatia you can submit a complaint to the Agency for the Protection of personal Data (AZOP).